Jürgen Hubert (jhubert) wrote in gurps,
Jürgen Hubert

GURPS Monster Repository

I wanted to announce that I have uploaded a large number of monsters originally posted to the SJG forums to the new GURPS Repository (I got the authors' permissions first, of course). There are 69 monsters in it so far - all of them in the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy format.

If you have any other homebrewed GURPS monsters in the same format, please consider uploading them as well. I think the forms and templates should be fairly self-explanatory and easy to use, and in the case of monsters it should take only a few minutes to copy and paste the relevant data.

There are also a number of other sections in the repository, for NPCs, magical and martial arts styles, starships, and so forth, but these are so far largely empty. Still, if you have material for them I'd appreciate posting them, too...
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