Graey (graey42) wrote in gurps,

few more questions

I recently read something about backstabbing. I don't recall whether this was on the GURPS forums or in one of the books. But it was: Stealth roll -5, -5 if surprised, +5 if surprising, -5 if the environment isn't particularly suited to the task; -3 to attack for a called shot to the vitals (x3 basic damage), +4 for attacking from behind; and no defense allowed due to attacking from behind. Where did I read this? Is this feasible for backstabbing in a DF game? I might further restrict it to being an All Out Attack maneuver. Would this be suitable for use as a technique so as to buy off the -5 on the Stealth roll? How do others handle the classic thief ability to attack from behind?

The spell Distant Blow (M144) says "The subject defends normally (dodge, block, parry), as if an invisible double of the caster was engaging him." But what if the subject doesn't know the caster is attacking him, or if he is otherwise engaged? If the attack came from behind, would there still be a defense roll? How would/could this be used with the above technique?

Magery adds to IQ when you learn spells, and decreases the amount of time it takes to learn it. What exactly does this mean? I can't seem to find any rules for learning skills or spells. Based on the behavior of GCA4, Magery adds to effective spell level. I'm currently under the impression that Magery does not count towards the reduction of casting time and cost for high skill. Right?

Is there a spell, besides Reflexes (which grants Combat Reflexes), that increases Dodge?

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