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One Page GURPS

This is a hand-out I made for a con game I ran last year. It's intended for someone who's been handed a pre-gen character or given a lot of help making a PC. This isn't intended to be a stand-alone rule set. It's more of a guide to help a player figure out what questions to ask. The GM has to fill in any modifiers for the situations that come up.

One-Page GURPS Rules

What’s this on my character sheet?
Attributes (roll against these to take actions): ST – Strength, DX – Dexterity, IQ – Intelligence, HT – Health, Will – Willpower, Per – Perception. Basic speed/move – how fast you can travel in one second. Dmg – how much damage you cause with a blow. Dodge/Parry – what you must roll to escape being hit. Advantages – special abilities your character has. Disadvantages – limitations of your character. Roleplaying these well earns character points. Skills – what your character is trained to do. The higher the number, the better you are.

Can I do this?
To do a task, roll against the appropriate skill or attribute. Easy tasks are automatic if you have the appropriate skill. Ordinary tasks require you to roll your skill or less on 3d6. Hard tasks may have a penalty to the roll. When competing with someone else trying to do the task both of you roll against the skill and the one who makes it by the most wins. Example: If you have the Driving skill at 12, you can drive a car to another city with no problem. Swerving to avoid a kid running into traffic requires a regular roll, 12 or less on 3d6. Taking an icy curve at high speed has a -4 penalty, so you have to roll 8 or less. If another driver tries to ram your car, both roll against driving and see who made it by the most.

Can I hit him?
Resolving an attack requires three rolls. The attacker rolls against weapon skill to see if he hits. The defender rolls against dodge or parry to avoid a hit. If the attacker succeeded and defender failed, roll to find the damage from the attack.

Does he like me?
When you meet an NPC, or ask one for a favor, the GM makes a reaction roll. The higher the roll, the friendlier the reaction. Your advantages may give you a bonus on this, or you can use skills (Fast-Talk, Diplomacy, Intimidation) to influence him.

This information is a subset of the information in GURPS Lite, copyright 2004 by Steve Jackson Games. This is not intended to infringe on SJG's rights in any way.
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