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rules question

Hi all,

I'm somewhat new to GURPS in general and had a question about one specific rule.  It says that you can only block one attack per round.  It seems a little strange to me.  If I have a shield on my left arm and 3 archers fire at me from my left side, raising my shield should (possibly) block them.  I wouldn't block one and then have to dodge the other two.  I understand that the shield defense bonus raises all defenses, but that doesn't seem adequate.

I am reluctant to create house-rules for that type of situation since I am inexperienced with 4th edition gurps.  Has anyone here made a rule for this situation? 

I was considering a clarification that said you pick one general arc, either front or shield-side, and you can try to block attacks from that arc.  either that or you can raise your shield and it acts as cover would, forcing opponents to target exposed areas with the normal hit-location penalties.

thanks for your time.
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