deude (mightyrikimaru) wrote in gurps,

Stat Request: Fun Things to Fight

Soon I'm going to be starting a casual GURPS game, modern setting with a liberal dash of both fantasy and sci-fi (similar to GURPS Illuminati University, if you're familiar). There will be a fair amount of silliness and a fair amount of combat, though the group would also like a little serious roleplaying as well. In any event, I need to get together some interesting things for them to fight. Anything goes here--dragons, vampire SWAT teams, giant teleporting ogres, just anything that would be totally fun and awesome for three or four 220point characters to fight. If you've got stats lying around for something like that that you've created in the past, please share them with me--it'd be much appreciated and save me a little prep time!

Thanks, guys. :)
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