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Uncommon Games (Cambridge MA) Players Wanted

Drama and Intrigue at the Chicago Columbian Exposition!

Come and see the Spectacle! Technology and Art, side by side- the rise of America and American Ingenuity and the Progress of Man in the last 400 years! Rome was not built in a day, but the White City, in all of it’s Grandeur was built in a year! The greatest minds, the greatest artists, the greatest inventors have created the Greatest Spectacle of the Modern World, and all of the Nations of the World have been invited to partake, and show their best efforts.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
Come and join us at Pandemonium in September for a Steampunk Adventure at The Chicago World’s Fair of 1893, with industrial espoinage, international intrigue and assorted skullduggery. We will be using the GURPS system (3 edition, but I am flexible), and pre-generated characters, in a cinematic pulp setting based (loosely) on historical events. Player will get to choose between a two plots, a heroic one or a villainous one. The game is expected to run for three or four weeks, Saturday evenings 6-11pm, starting September 13th.

GM: Tanya
In-Store Location : Sofas Of Mortal Peril
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