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I went to see Jumper today. Ever since I saw the previews I've been asking myself, "What would it be like to run a campaign where all the PCs can teleport?" GURPS, I think, would lend itself particularly well to such a campaign concept. Teleportation wouldn't be quite as powerful as in Jumper, in terms of quickness or reliability, but I think that's a good thing, especially if one's roleplaying group has one of those guys who tends to use his abilities in the one way that will cause the most headaches for the GM. :) I love guys like that, and they keep your thinking fresh, but if you give 'em an inch they'll take a mile.

One thing I'm thinking about is, in the movie, electric shocks disrupt the subject's ability to teleport. I think there was some mention in the movie of how the electrical impulses disrupt the target's nervous system. The question is, how would this work in GURPS mechanics? And what sort of equipment would Paladins be packing, in terms of weaponry stats and so forth, for taking down Jumpers? If anyone wants to whip up some Jumper-hunting gear, this is your opportunity. I've got my own ideas for how one might handle electricity's effect on Jumping, but I want to hear your own ideas without any outside input first. (For more info on the Warp advantage, see p.98 of your Basic Set.)

So yeah. GURPS Jumper. What do you guys think? Let's share some ideas.
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